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Sargam is a social and cultural Non Governmental and non profit making organization working for more than last 2 decades to improve the quality of society and life of children.

Society is like a stew. If you dont keep it stirred up, you get a lot of scum on top.

A first grader should understand that her or his culture isnít a rational invention; that there are thousands of other cultures and they all work pretty well; that all cultures function on faith rather than truth; that there are lots of alternatives to our own society. We put our best because Cultural relativity is defensible, attractive. Itís a source of hope. It means we donít have to continue this way if we donít like it.

To overcome the problems and fight against ills in the society, we organize social events and programmes to promote and improve education, skill, quality of humans. Our Professionals even help them learn Dance, Drama, Painting, and other cultural activities to bring out the hidden talent within them.


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