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Sargam is committed to helping the most vulnerable children,old age and young people in the India break through injustice, deprivation and inequality, so they can achieve their full potential.

A Proud Organisation

We have been working with the India’s most vulnerable children and people since 1986. Find out more about our history.

We started with a musical group which organized Dance and dramas in stage and streets of India. Then a better Idea stuck in our mind to help people with our potential and by enhancing their people.

Some one well said “give him a fish; you will feed him for a day! Teach Him How to fish; you will feed Him for Lifetime”.

Passionate about potential

We believe all children and young people have unique potential and that they should have the support and opportunities they need to reach it.

Sargam helps nearly 3,000 children, young people and their families through nearly 40 events organized by us in India. We also promote social justice by lobbying and campaigning for change.

Changing Lives

Today, Sargam is the leading organization providing facility to children’s and people services in rural areas, services for disabled children and their families, and services for young people leaving care.

We provide services in Lucknow (our head office in India)and we also support work in Delhi, Chennai, Punjab and northern India.


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