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Dance competition

"If your child LOVES to dance, then give them a chance to SHINE!"†


If it seems like your kids always have ants in their pants, it may be time to think about enrolling them in our dance competition. From hip hop to classical ballet, a variety of styles exist to suit every taste, and they all deliver a great workout, an outlet for the imagination, a way to develop style and confidence, and a healthy dose of discipline. The next time your kids can't sit still, but on some music and see what they've got!

The goal of Sargam Dance Competition

  • Provide superior teaching and choreographic mentorship in the studio, stage, and other performance† arenas by quality personnel with expertise in their areas of teaching.
  • Enhance the cultural and aesthetic experience of Pasadena and LA through quality productions, leadership, and service learning.†
  • Promote the exploration of other dance communities nationally and internationally through participation in competitions, festivals, and conference attendance.


A program is available at the concession stand for a nominal fee. The program will usually include a profile of the judges, the rules of the competition and the schedule.
Itís recommended that at least one parent in the dance group have a schedule.


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