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Donate Now to educate a Needy ! Your Donation Counts

Donate Blood

As per ngo organization, donating blood in the most dignified deed one can opt for on the earth because it saves lives. Just think that you are the gift of donation comes out of only feeling.
Sargam have taken up the responsibility to promotes awareness about different issues. So, people are coming forward willingly for contribution or we can say we are becoming more compassionate.
There are an increasing number of people nowadays who are starting to get involved in Sargamís volunteer work. This is great news because there are so many communities all over the world that have such great needs and you will join us Sargam which is a voluntary charity organization with great satisfaction getting from helping someone in need.

What else you can do!!!

Lots of us demand for providing free education to poor children. But, most of the time, we forget to look for the way through which these children can have a civilized work which will allow them to lead a dignified life later. Undeniably education is imperative for their overall development. But, after reaching a certain stage in life, you cannot just rely on charity. Sargam task involves arranging camps in various areas that have poor children with no access to proper education.


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