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Drama Competition

The contest had goals to develop children’s talent and ability, to give the understanding of beauty of the arts. Drama competition, which is organized by the Sargam, is aimed to grow drama skill of both the youth and the old Mr. Ajeet Kumar (founder of sargam) said “We are doing this to show you where we are and see what needs to be improved before we take this play to competition.”

AIMS Of Competition

Inspite of the development of non-personal modern media of mass communication like Radio, Television, Films and Press, the traditional media of live, face to face performance before audience, still hold an important place in the pattern of communication with the masses. The live performance has a quality warmth and personal touch which created a deep emotional impact. The reach of the media, however, is limited and the spread of communication is slow, as even after production a programme has to be enacted all over again and again from place to place. It does not have the advantage of mechanical multiplication for wider distribution and simultaneous exhibition of a single programme. But the live performances have popular appeal and are always in demand. In India, the wide variety of folk forms which have a traditional familiarity with the masses makes the live performances an important vehicle of communication.

The main aim of Sargam is to bring out the drama enthusiasts and other performing arts enthusiasts out of minds to the stage, where children’s and people can prove their talent to the world! Sargam believes that drama and its various forms and genre provide students with a common platform where they can showcase their thoughts, dreams, creativity and emotions.

The club activities includes:

  1. Drama
  2. Musical drama
  3. Street play

Main function of Sargam is to organize performing arts events in the society. The drama team of Sargam has also performed in various cultists and events in various part of India. Drama Competition is a huge success with all children’s and people together performing musical drama- a combination of dance with drama. 


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