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Our history

We have been helping the children who most need it for more than 2 decades.

How we started

SARGAM a socio-cultural organization formed in October 1986 by the efforts of Mr. Ajeet Kumar (founder of the society) in coordination with Mr. P.C.JOSHI & Mr. ANUJ SRIVASTAVA during their School hour’s long back in 1985, when they had direct interaction with their some colleague who were drug addicted. The above three friends then decided to make addicted peoples busy in some activity according to their interest. Fortunately, it was found that these addicted peoples were having a long time in their participation in local Ram Lila shows organized in the festive season of Dussahara .Mr. Ajeet Kumar who already had an experience of directing Dramas and other stage activities organized in those days for the public entertainment and social awareness, planned a brilliant way to enhance the lives of such people by making their talent bloom in this world .this was a good way to save such people from drug addiction. He started a production oriented workshop with these people and some other new comer’s .As a result of workshop, a comedy Drama was produced named “UNDER SECRECTARY” written by renowned writer Romesh Mehta and Translated in Hindi by Mr. Urmil Kumar Thapliyal .It was successfully staged in Ganna Sansthan, lucknow auditorim in 14 January 1987 which appreciated by print media of the state. This was the first leading step taken by the society and since then the society marched forward in other works too.

Pioneering childcare

Professional from the start, our recognition of the importance of professional training was a significant contribution to the development of children in the India.

Over time, our work has shifted away from children's homes towards community based projects like children's centers, supporting vulnerable families and trying to prevent potential problems.

We then started with theater shows; dance and drama. We even made them learn what all we knew about acting and dance with the help of our professionals in the respective fields. We even organized workshops for drama and dance training.

Some things don't change

Today we continue to support and speak out for children, young people and parents in tough circumstances and we'll be doing this for as long as it's needed.

We face the challenges of a very different society.

We still don’t loose hope and give our best in achieving our goals.

Our attitude is still same and will not change in future.


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