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Learn Dance

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Helpline : +91-9307182183
Contact Person : Mr Faizal
Who may Join? : Anybody above Age of 4 years Charges may vary as per Location . *Terms and conditions apply CATEGORIES :- HIPHOP - JAZZ-SALSA - BOLLYWOOD - KATHAK - SOCIAL DANCING AND MORE...

Benifits : Enrollment in All India off-screen and on-screen dance competition of selected students and many more advantages.

Scholars of dance have studied the various advantages of this physical art and have concluded that dancing is no way less than any other form of exercises to keep fit and healthy. As per them dance was a devotional, recreational as well as a sensual practice. Marvellous Carvings and sculptures on temples of South India, Khujraho and Ajanta Caves further substantiate it.

Dance has the power of rejuvenating and thrilling the body. The vigorous movements initially might challenge your bodies’ limits, however if persisted with, can leave the body fit and lissome. Dance enhances mind-body co-ordination and is a great way of training your body to listen and execute super fast commands of your brain. We all know that enhanced mind-body coordination develops our reflexes, which help us avoid many injuries in day to day life.

Why Learn From Us?
It is felt that in India, particularly in North India and big cities like Lucknow and Delhi there are a large number of aspirants who want to learn dance.

The existing dance schools are so costly that it is not possible for everybody to afford it.

Sargam Dance Workshop is dedicated to teaching performing arts in Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi and other Part of North India at very reasonable and affordable fees. Sargam Dance workshop has dedicated professional choreographers on its rolls who conduct more than 30 classes per week in Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi and other Part of North India.

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