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Orchestra Boom

Music is a universal language by which Sargam wants to inspire students and young professionals. To stimulate interest in young people about instruments, Sargam organize the “Orchestra Boom”.


Our Goals

  • Create and reinforce professional musical frameworks and infrastructure.
  • Preserve the culture and heritage of India and classical music. 
  • Develop musical culture and increase awareness of music appreciation and empower them to explore a variety of musical genres.
  • Open opportunities for the most marginalized to have access to professional music education.

In addition, this program exposes the community to the world of music with all its richness and horizons through high quality musical events. The sargam team organizes 4-5 seasonal concerts annually, hosting local and international artists and unique musical groups specializing in different musical genres like classical, Arabic classical, jazz and ethnic music. Our audience counts more than 2,000 persons per year.

Why Music?

Involvement in music teaches basic skills such as concentration, counting, listening, and cooperation while also promoting understanding of language, improving the ability to recall information, and creating an environment more conducive to learning in other areas. Education in itself is a cultural tool by which societies prosper and flourish. In this perspective, music plays a significant role. After all, music addresses one’s culture, one’s society, indeed one’s individuality.


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