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Our Theatre Work Shop

We Organize a Theatre Workshop for Kids In a world where technology takes us away from natural human emotion.

Theater Workshop’s promotes its mission to identify, present, and support independent contemporary artists and companies to advance dance and live performance in India and worldwide. Our Theater Workshop is a center for the development and presentation of contemporary dance and performance, and for the artists who create it.

Sargam’s Theater Workshop has grown into a multi-faceted activity in India by the organization that provides professional programs and resources to independent artists, and cultivates public involvement in the arts.

The motto of the workshop is not only to improve acting skills but also to help people unwind and de-stress.

What is the workshop all about?

The workshop focuses on voice modulation and the attitude of the kids. It starts with simple exercises including voice and tongue exercises (which help during dialogue delivery), maintaining voice modulation, writing short stories, screen plays, scripting, presenting ideas and enacting different kinds of emotions.

At the completion of the workshop, the children present a play.


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