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Why Donate

There have been a lot of children leading miserable life and have no access to any of the basic amenities of life. Many of those children hopes have been dashed down because of their poor living conditions and their inability to afford the necessities. Numerous children might have dreams of becoming a pilot, a policeman or a teacher, but their pathetic life diverts them from their dream and forces to work in factories or beg at traffic signals. In this condition, we come forward to help them in every possible manner. We know which way to direct them for leading a better lifestyle. Each of them is dedicated in helping the children and their families in establishing a place for themselves in society.
Sargam keep on providing them timely consultation on managing their life and acquiring good habits. Apart from that, we also organize a variety of camps that are dedicated to provide medical care, elementary education and other important things. Sargam provides consultation under awareness programs, so that the poor children and their families can stay alert to handle the problems in life. We work with the help of general public, who donate generously for special causes. Moreover, it is important to make monetary contributions because it is improving the life of some individual. After all, it is a social duty that needs to fulfill and we should contribute in the development of our country.

Sargam is meant to create ways for a better life

Are you willing to donate and do not know what process to seek? If you are a novice in doing charity; then, it is always better to contact Sargam. Sargam work continuously for the benefit of children, poor, adults and old aged ones. The officials of these organizations are always on a look out for people that can contribute towards enhancing the life of some deprived. You can contact us through their website and phone numbers. What we do is send our executives to collect the donation from you. This is, in fact, easiest option to help children or any other needy. Another advantage of this option is that you will be able to track down your contributions and make sure that they are used in proper manner.
Sargam works for either providing educational facilities or running medical campaigns or meals for the children. We even, reach out to places that are left accessed. In this way, Sargam would try their level best to help these deprived children in climbing a step further on the stairs to development. You can be a member of these organizations and continue to donate on regular basis. In fact, you can contribute on a monthly or bi-yearly or yearly basis to provide the necessary means to them forever.


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