Become a Corporate Partner

Being a corporate, if you feel it is one of your responsibility to help mankind and help underprivileged, we welcome you to join your hands with Sargam Sanstha.

Become a Corporate Partner

Give your Support

Are you willing to contribute and join our team? We are a team of socially active volunteers. Join us today

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Crowd Funding

We organize crowdfunding events to make a difference. We collect funds to help underprivileged.

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I will teach

There are more than 10 crore children deprived of basic education in our country. You can share your knowledge with these children and make a difference.

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Skill Development

We organize workshops to teach children to improve their basic skills. They learn computer, They learn to manufacture. If you have skills and become a part of our campaign, please join us!

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Scholarship Program

Each year we launch a scholarship program for children who can not afford education. If you know someone who needs help, fill a form today and help him now

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